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Terms & Conditions

All ticket holders shall be subject to the rules and regulations of BLINDSPOTGIGS (The Organisers) as interpreted by the Organisers and its representatives, to any other instructions given at the event by its representatives.

1) These Terms and conditions (T&Cs) incorporate, and should be read together with, any Vendor’s and/or Agent’s T&Cs or regulations.
2) Artists and billed attractions may be subject to change.
3) No trading or promotional activities allowed within the venue without The Organisers' prior consent.
4) Goods using unauthorised event logos and unauthorised professional recording equipment must be surrendered to staff.
5) Photographic equipment is permitted provided that it is for personal non-commercial use only. In the event of any subsequent commercial use, the bearer agrees to pay the Promoter for the cost of a licence issued by the Promoter for permission to take photographs / visual / audio recordings for commercial use.
6) Do not buy tickets or goods from unlawful street traders/touts. They are invalid.
7) You give your express consent to your actual/ simulated likeness to be included for no fee within any audio or visual recording to be used in any media for any purpose at any time. This includes filming by the police or security staff which may be carried out for the security of customers and/or the prevention of crime.
8) No unauthorised vehicles will be allowed on site.

Ticket Refunds:
1) Refunds are only considered on major cancellation, substantial alteration or by special exception determined by the Organisers.
2) Refunds should be obtained from the the Organisers, no later than 7 days after the event.
3) A minimum of the face value of the ticket will be refunded.
4) Refunds of booking fees per ticket are subject to the T&Cs of the point of sale.

Age Policy:
1) No unaccompanied under 16’s are allowed on site.
2) Under 16’s must be accompanied by a ticket holder over 18.
3) Under 12’s (12 yrs and under) are admitted free, but must be accompanied by a paying ticket-holder over 18 at all times.
Wristbands, to write a mobile number on for children 12 and under in case they get lost or separated from their guardian, will be available from the wristband exchanges area at the event entrance.
4) We do not accept any parental or supervisory duty of care or liability for any under 18’s on site.

Tickets & Wristbands:
1) Tickets are non-transferable and only valid when purchased from official agents of the Organisers.
2) Tickets/wristbands purchased from unauthorised sources will be rendered invalid and refused admission.
3) Tickets must be exchanged for a wristband on first entry at a wristband exchange.
4) Tickets must be valid, presented in full, with stubs and not tampered with (in the event of accidental damage, refer to point of purchase prior to event). Tickets remain the property of the Organisers.
5) the Organisers will not issue duplicate tickets for lost or stolen tickets or wristbands.
6) Tickets cannot be used as part of any marketing, media or sales promotion, without the prior written consent of the Organisers.
7) The ticket holder is responsible for their tickets until it is exchanged for a wristband and then responsible for their wristband for the duration of the event.
8) All wristbands remain the property of the Organisers until 12 Noon the day after the last day of the event.

1) the Organisers reserves the right to evict a customer without refund, and/or refuse admission. Contact us for more information.
2) You may be body/bag searched at the entrances, on the site or when leaving.
3) Any item(s), reasonably considered for use as a weapon, which may cause danger, offence or disruption to any other person, must be surrendered to security staff.
4) Any person carrying illegal items or carrying out illegal activity will be given to the Police and refused entry.
5) Anti-social behaviour may lead to eviction. Please act responsibly.
6) Throwing gas, aerosol or similar canisters/containers is extremely dangerous and will lead to eviction.
7) CCTV is in use throughout the event for the purposes of safety, security and prosecution of offenders.

Damage & Losses:
the Organisersis unable to accept any liability for personal or property damages, losses (including surrendered items) or injuries sustained at this event – other than caused as a result of our negligence.

Banned Items:
1) Banned from event – Gas canisters, aerosols, airhorns, fireworks, flares, glass, illegal substances, drugs, ‘legal highs’ – this includes Nitrous Oxide and associated equipment including balloons, unidentified substances, new psychoactive substances (NPS), illegal items, laser equipment/pens, megaphones, blowtorches, sky or ‘chinese’ lanterns, petrol burners, sound systems, spray cans, tabards/high viz jackets, or any other items listed on our website as restricted items.
2) Ticket holders may not bring bags larger than A4 in size.
3) Excessive amounts of food and cigarettes. Only bring enough for personal consumption.
4) Anyone resisting the surrender of disallowed items or disregarding these conditions will face eviction.
5) Items that are surrendered or confiscated will not be returned.
6) Under 18’s are not permitted to bring alcohol or to purchase alcohol on site.
7) It is illegal for an over 18 to purchase alcohol on the behalf of under 18s.

Fires & Safety:
1) Fires are not permitted anywhere at the event.
2) The burning of any objects or materials is not permitted anywhere on site.
3) Smoking is not permitted in enclosed public spaces or buildings. This includes e cigs/vaping.
4) Excessive exposure to loud music may cause damage to your hearing.
5) Pyrotechnics, lasers, smoke machines, strobe lighting/special effects and fireworks may take place during some performances.
6) The use of Drones or similar equipment for any reason is prohibited on or near the event without written permission from the Organisers.

1) Please use the bins and recycling points provided on and off site.
2) No animals, other than guide or hearing dogs, are permitted on site.

Other Information:
1) Disabled Facilities are available – please contact us for further information.
2) If any of these T&C’s are unclear please contact

Trader Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions also apply to traders

All stallholders, their contractors and employees, while at a BLINDSPOTGIGS' Event, shall be subject to the rules and regulations of BLINDSPOTGIGS (the Organisers) as interpreted by the Organisers and its representatives, to any special conditions given with the application form, and to any other instructions given at any of their events by its representatives.

1) Your pitch is not guaranteed until the deposit is paid and all supporting documents including a copy of your Public Liability Insurance certificate is submitted. Insurance cover must be in date at time of the event.
2) The Organisers reserves the right to turn down a stall application if it is deemed that there are already sufficient stalls of that type, or similar, or if we deem that the type of stall is not suitable for the event. If, in the view of the Organisers too many stallholders apply to sell products of a similar nature, priority will be given to local businesses subject to standards of quality and at the Organisers discretion.
3) The Organisers reserve the right to refuse any application without necessarily giving the reason for doing so.
4) Payments are non-refundable unless the Organisers decide to decline your application.
5) Stallholders/Vendors must have valid public liability insurance (with a minimum £5m indemnity limit) a copy of which must be supplied with the payment. We maintain the right to recover costs from you in respect of claims brought against the Organisers for which you may be responsible.
6) Stallholders providing therapy must supply details of their trade body membership with their registration.
7) In agreeing the terms and conditions, stallholders shall indemnify the Organisers and all event staff from and against actions, costs, losses (including legal fees), claims or demands in respect of any accident, damage, death or injury to any person or property arising directly or indirectly from the stallholder’s use of the stall.
8) Stallholders must inform the Organisers if for any reason they are unable to attend. Deposit fee will not be refundable within 30 days of the event.
9) The organisers hold no responsibility for the audience attendance of the event, however we shall promote and advertise the event to the best of our ability.
10) There will be no refund of fees in the event of adverse weather on the day or should the event be cancelled entirely for any reason. Stallholders are advised to consider their own cancellation insurance if required.
11) Stallholders must ensure that all relevant Health and Safety legislation is complied with at all times whilst you are at the event. In particular Stallholders must ensure that their activities and those of any participants conform to the Law and Health and Safety practice relevant to the stall.
12) You will be allocated a stall number and location on the day; this cannot be changed. The Organiser reserves the right to vary the layout and positioning of the stalls if, in their opinion, such an amendment is in the best interest of the event.
13) We aim to have stalls of high quality selling original and unusual products which are in keeping with the nature of our event and which will suit the particular market we aim to attract.
14) No trader shall sell any item that contravenes any of the following, or similar associated legislation: Trade Descriptions Act 1968, Video Recordings Act 1984, Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1998 and the Trademarks Act 1994.
15) In the event of any damage to the event grounds and surrounding area or to any equipment lent to you by the Organiser or any of its appointees for which you were directly responsible or which is attributable to your stall and/or items sold from it you will reimburse the Organiser or the event grounds the cost of replacement or repair on demand.
16) Stallholders must display their trading address and contact details for the public to see at all times.
17) The Organiser reserve the right to share details of the stallholders with sponsors of the event.
18) The Organiser may reallocate stalls should the stallholder fail to arrive by the prearranged time.
19) New toys should bear the CE mark. This is not necessary for second-hand toys or those hand-made by individuals, though these must still meet the legal standards
20) Please be aware that the release of balloons, Chinese lanterns and floating candles is prohibited.
21) The Organiser reserve the right to film and take photographs of the event for promotional purposes only.
22) You are required to bring all items necessary to facilitate the promotion of your products or services. The Organisers will provide no additional materials
23) The Organisers representatives have power to order the removal of any article from the ground or to close the stand of any stall holder who does not conform to the regulations of the Organisers or the directions of its officers and, if necessary to expel such stallholder or their representative from the event. In such cases the Organisers will not be liable for loss of trade and no refunds will be made to the said stall holder or their representative.
24) All Stallholders are required to provide fire-fighting appliances of a sufficient number, of a type suitable for the possible purpose, and which have been checked annually and fully maintained. Under no circumstances must halon-type extinguishers be used. All persons associated with the stand/exhibit must be aware of the location of fire-fighting appliances, instructions for their use, and of the procedure to be followed in the event of a fire. All mobile catering stalls or vehicles in which cooking is carried out on site shall be equipped with a dry powder extinguisher.
25) The stall holder shall provide a C02 fire extinguisher(s) near to any generator they are using;
26) The stall holder shall provide a C02 fire extinguisher(s) near to electrical installations;
27) The stall holder shall provide a water extinguisher(s) near to canvas and wood structure;
28) The Fire Brigade will be called to any outbreak of fire a decision to call will be made by the event organisers only traders are not to make their own emergency calls.
29) It is imperative that all electrical equipment or appliances be tested by a competent person, to ensure satisfactory insulation readings. All appliances must be clearly marked, and supporting documentation must be provided, if requested, with the test results.
30) All electrical cables and connectors should be of the correct size/type and used as specified in the current edition IEE Wiring Regulations with specific reference to temporary installations. (Connectors/cables should conform to BS standards).
31) Residual current devices (RCD’s) – play an important part in ensuring the safety of a temporary installation and should always be used and tested. Such protection shall have rated residual operating current not exceeding 3OmA and an operating time not exceeding 40ms at a residual current of 15OmA, as provided by BS 4393.
32) Trailing cables are not allowed in public areas
33) Electrical switchgear and wiring to be kept out of reach of members of the public.
34) Electrical equipment exposed to the weather to be of weather-proof design or alternatively provided with suitable protection against the ingress of water to the satisfaction of the Organisers
35) All generators must be located, secured, and barriered so as to prevent injury through inadvertent contact, and to allow adequate ventilation to prevent overheating, to the satisfaction of the Organisers. It is the responsibility of stallholders to supply barriers/guards.
36) Where generators are designed for use with earth rods, these shall be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
37) Fuelling of generators will not be carried out when the public are present and the capacity of the fuel storage tanks shall be sufficient to run the generators throughout the time the event is open to the public.
38) Explosives, pyrotechnics, toxic, hazardous or highly flammable substances are not to be brought into the event, or used without the prior consent of the Organisers. When used, they must be stored, labelled and handled in accordance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations and other relevant legislation.
39) No stallholder shall sell any goods or carry on any activity not stipulated on the application form. The Organiser’s representatives shall have power to remove from the event any stall holder whose articles are not in accordance with the description given on the entry form, and the exhibitor shall forfeit all fees paid and the Organiser’s will not be liable for compensation.
40) No stallholder shall sell, or otherwise distribute any liquids, hot or cold. This includes, but not limited to, water, canned drinks, soft drinks, bottles, alcohol and hot drinks.
41) It is the responsibility of the stallholder to provide a complete and accurate description of the activity to be carried out/goods for sale/display on the application form.
42) Under no circumstances, will any stallholder be permitted to sell or display any weapons of any kind, eg. guns, knives, crossbows, pellet guns, etc.
43) No stallholder shall sell any items or display any material considered offensive on grounds of sexism or racism. The decision of the Organiser’s in these matters is final and any stand refusing to remove the offensive items will be closed down without refund or right of compensation.
44) The organisers shall not be responsible for any loss incurred by the stallholder through any means.
45) The organisers have the right to amend these terms and conditions at their discretion. If a change is made a new set of terms and conditions will be sent to all confirmed stall holders.

Loading, Unloading and Manning Your Stall:
1) Stall holders are encouraged to dress, personalise and style their stalls – feel free to get creative.
2) Stalls must be set up and ready for trading by the advised time and must be manned throughout the day until the advised end of the event time.
3) Stallholders must not overhang the allocated stall site.
4) Stallholders are not permitted to close down or pack up their stalls during the event i.e. between 9pm and 12pm.
5) To ensure the safe and smooth set up of stalls, details of vehicular access points and set-up times will be sent to stallholders prior to the event. Please enter and exit only at your allocated coloured zones shown on your final instructions - arrive at the wrong gate and you will be turned away.
6) Vehicles movements are not permitted on the site between any times advised by The Organisers. Vehicles not used as part of the stall, or to house generators must be cleared from the event grounds before the public arrive.
7) Food, goods and services offered for free or sold to the public must be legal and must not present any hazards to other stallholders, event organisers, staff or members of the public.
8) The Organisers and any persons associated with the organisation of the event shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to merchandise or personal property, nor for any injury caused by the activities of the event, the weather or any other reason or cause.
9) Money and valuables are the stallholders’ responsibility and must be appropriately secured.
10) Anti-social behaviour, abusive, drunken or unreasonable behaviour will not be tolerated.
11) Stallholders must keep their stalls and the surrounding area clean and must ensure that they dispose of all rubbish generated by their stall at the end of the day. Stall holders are required to provide suitable means of rubbish disposal for people using their stall. No rubbish or waste can be left on or in the vicinity of The event Grounds. No trade waste is to be disposed of on site, and must be taken away with the stall holders. We reserve the right to charge £100 per black bag of waste left by stall holders.

Street Food Vans and Vendors:
1) The Organisers wish to bring to the stall holder’s attention (this includes pitches where providers use their own vans or equipment), the fact that all activities will also be subject to Public Health, Health and Safety, Food Safety, Food Hygiene and Consumer Protection regulations and legislation. Specifically Stall Holders catering on their stands must conform to the requirements of the current Food Safety Act 1990 – with its all- embracing requirements and then specifically The Food Safety (General Hygiene) Regulations 1995 and The Food Safety (Temperature Control) Regulations 1995. It is the responsibility of the Vendor to be aware of any relevant legislation and regulations. Catering concessionaires are reminded that these regulations apply to all food sold at outdoor events.
2) The Food Hygiene Regulations require that any unit/area for cooking purposes be surrounded on three sides and have a roof covering to protect food from the risk of contamination. A waterproof flame retardant material must be used. Any barbecue must also be covered in accordance and guarded.
3) The whole structure of the stall/vehicle shall be clean. The structure is to be made of materials which are readily cleansable, and designed and constructed so as to be able to be kept clean, avoiding risk of contamination. Work surfaces, cooking and storage facilities must be of smooth, durable, readily cleansable material. Vehicle interiors should be fitted for the purpose of food preparation.
4) All equipment must be made of materials, which can be easily cleaned and are not porous
5) All equipment must be clean before you start work and cleaned throughout the day.
6) A sink or bowl for washing food and equipment must be provided. Detergent and clean cloths must also be available. The sink must be kept clean and set up for use.
7) A separate hand basin or bowl for hand washing must be available at the stall and supplied with soap, towel and nailbrush. The basin must be kept clean and in working order.
8) Proper containers for cold water should be available at the stall. They must be made of suitable materials and protect the water from contamination. Water will have to be brought from off site.
9) Food must be kept covered and at least 45Omm (18”) off the ground.
10) All stalls/vehicles must have adequate facilities for disposing of rubbish and waste food and for separating unfit food.
11) Cooked food must be kept separately from raw food at all times.
12) All high-risk foods i.e. meat, cream, milk, eggs should be kept refrigerated at 5°c or below at all times.
13) Adequate procedures must be in place to maintain and record food temperatures for hot and cold foods.
14) Persons handling food must keep themselves clean. They must wear clean clothes, clean over-clothing and particular attention should be paid to keeping hands and fingernails especially clean. Hair must be tied back or a hat worn. They must be trained / supervised to basic food hygiene standard certificate.
15) Any person in the vicinity of food or handling the food must not smoke or use tobacco or snuff.
16) Any cut or abrasion must be covered with a waterproof dressing, preferably coloured blue.
17) A first aid box containing bandages and washable plasters must be kept at the stall.
18) The name and address of the company or person carrying on the food business must be clearly displayed, at all times
19) A dry powder fire extinguisher and a fire blanket must be provided when food is being cooked.
20) Any LPG cylinders must be fitted with armoured hosing connected, stored, and used in accordance with the appropriate regulations. Rubber hosing is not acceptable under any circumstances.
21) No containers supplied for the consumption of food or drink to be of glass or other brittle material.
22) No one may sell alcohol or drinks of any sort on their stalls.
23) Street food vans and vendors must provide a copy of their latest Food Hygiene Inspection Report before your pitch will be confirmed. A minimum hygiene rating of 3 is required.
24) Street food vans and vendors must provide a copy of a valid Food Hygiene/Level 2 Certificate for all operatives who will be handling food on the day.
25) Street food vans and vendors will be required to comply with the Food Agency Environmental Health Event Safety Guidance applicable to outside catering at events and in particular hazards analysis and critical control points (HACCP). Vendors will be required to produce a copy of the relevant HACCP documentation on the day. Failure to produce a copy for inspection on the day may result in the vendor being asked to stop trading.
26) Street food vans and vendors must comply with any other applicable environmental health requirements, regulations and legislation as determined by the London Borough of Enfield. It is the responsibility of vendors to ensure that they meet all applicable requirements and minimum standards. Note: The event organisers reserve the right to ask any participant to vacate his/her pitch in the event that the stall holder or vendor does not conform to these terms and conditions.
27) No barbecue, LPG heaters and containers, cooking appliances or other high temperature devices, flammable gas or real flame, shall be used at the event without prior notification to, and approval by, the Organisers.
28) All barbecues, LPG heaters, cooking appliances and high temperature devices, shall have adequate guarding and fireproof shields, and be sited in a safe position. Such appliances shall always be sited on a fire-resisting base (not asbestos or an asbestos-based product).
29) Spare LPG cylinders, both full and empty, shall be enclosed with barriers and stored away from public area and removed at the end of the show. Stallholders leaving cylinders on site will be charged a minimum of £250 per cylinder for their removal.
30) Flexible hoses connecting liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders to appliances shall be armoured and must comply with BS3212 or equivalent.
31) The hosing for LPG cylinders must be connected at the bottle outlet and the appliance inlet with jubilee clips or equally effective devices. There shall be no other connections (tee pieces etc).
32) Storage of petroleum spirit and fuel storage vessels to be in secure, robust metal vessels or plastic containers conforming to the Petroleum-Spirit (plastic containers) regulations 1982, not exceeding 5 litres in capacity. Each vessel shall be conspicuously marked stating the nature of the fuel.
33) Smoking is not allowed in areas containing flammable materials or where food is prepared/stored/cooked.

Performer Terms & Conditions

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Privacy Policy

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